We have developed a unique framework for delivering Remote Managed Services, flexible and tailor-made to each client. Our objectives are to provide affordable, proactive IT support, with a focus on optimisation, stability and risk mitigation. Our framework helps us to automate and schedule daily, weekly and monthly IT tasks and processes, thus reducing waiting times and promoting a more seamless user experience. We provide reporting that spans across both hardware and software technologies, making it easy for those 'on-the-fly' decision-making moments. Our core values provide our clients with peace of mind, ensuring that they will receive service from a certified, experienced and professional engineer.

Our model allows customers to leverage expert support skills at lower costs, whilst maintaining control of business-critical systems and monitoring essential services. Approved scheduled maintenance after hours allows maximum uptime with minimal impact and risk. 

Architected solutions need to be implemented with meticulous attention to detail and the right competency in order to ensure that the project meets the clients technological expectations. 

Our Advanced Technologies division assists with all aspects of vendor support relationships as well as; design, architecture, deployment and delivering solutions throughout various industries, all whilst keeping to best practice policies from vendors as well as governance and compliance regulations. 

Our implementation services assist with staging and installation of physical or virtual hardware, configuration, integration of systems and acceptance testing. We also offer various training and handover tools and skills to your operations team, as well as optional ongoing training and user adoption workshops. 

We are also proud to offer  a project management service, which is tightly interwoven with our sales and support teams, ensuring we create a world class experience from start to finish. 


Our sales teams continuously train on new technologies, solutions and service offerings. They are able to identify a customers pain points and understand how our offerings are able to minimise these challenges.


Our main differentiator continues to be our extensive investment in technology experts who support our sales and technical teams to deliver a superior consultative approach and ensure the right solution is designed to meet objectives.


Following the design phase of the solution an implementation plan is created to meet the timescale of the project. It is then handed over to our technical teams to install and manage the project.


When a solution has been implemented, our Professional Service teams hands over to our Managed Service team for ongoing support and maintenance. Additional hardware can be added and supported as part of our engagement and on-boarding process.

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