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First Technology approved as Adobe Educational Specialist

First Technology has been awarded the title of Adobe Educational Specialist, one of only three other companies in South Africa to hold such status.

The title of "Adobe Educational Specialist” is only held by three resellers in South Africa. Becoming an Educational Specialist requires a very specific set of skills, in a particular, discipline or vertical market. Constant training is done to keep up with the ever-changing technology environment, and testing is used to ensure the specialists’ skill levels are where they need to be in order to properly advise their clients.

According to Adobe, today’s focus on building capacity for effectively communicating ideas and information extends beyond the traditional notion of literacy. Historically, literacy was defined as the ability to read and write. In the current era, a literate individual is one who has developed competencies that leverage reading and writing skills toward the goal of effective communication. In today’s world, a proficient communicator needs to be computer literate, visually literate, information literate, media literate, and digitally literate.

The First Technology Group agrees with this statement wholeheartedly. To better ensure continued, effective use of software programs that will allow the development of effective communication, First Technology has skilled up where it counts.

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First Technology is positioned to provide its customers with IT solutions that fully meet their requirements on a local and national level. The company maximises productivity, minimises risks associated with technology deployment and reduces total cost of IT ownership.

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