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Remote Managed Services
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Software Management Service

Software Management Service


Software Delivery Service provides secure bandwidth-sensitive distribution of applications and updates throughout your organisation. First Technology’s Remote Managed Services enables intelligent software delivery be creating policies to install the correct version of the software with any update and any pre-requisite. Remote Managed Services ensures that all software remains installed and configured correctly on client systems.

Remote Managed Services Deliverables

  • First Technology RMS team will package all the business critical applications within the client’s environment
  • Training and knowledge transfer will be given to the client’s IT department on how to deploy applications if and when they want to within their environment
  • First Technology will take responsibility for all application deployments throughout the environment providing complete piece of mind as well as driving compliancy
  • First Technology’s RMS team will also act as the first line support when it comes to the deployment of applications and the scheduling of software delivery tasks
  • The applications will always be available for deployment and on the latest available versions